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lots of stuff going on in z's world!

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zzombieyum's picture
on August 18, 2019 - 7:18pm

im sitting in bed. just read a P!ATD fic. was kinda ramble-y but it was ok. tomorrow i have my therapy and psychiatrist appointment as well as support group. Katie is coming down from CT too so we're hanging out. Harry and the Potters are playing in Boston on the 24th so that's exciting too!

i love you guys. i know the site has slowed down drastically. but im glad that the MCRmy is still here even if it isnt as active as it was, its still so present in my life <3

might meet up with Blood'y Revenge soon. he used to post on here a ton! im a little nervous because we havent talked much in a while... but i do really want to meet him!!

that's all for now., ive been pretty hyper tonight. took my meds and showered and that calmed me down a little bit. but not enough to sleep. but it's 10:00, i still have time before i go to bed.

our house sold! i may have already mentioned that... now we are looking for the house to move into. theres one in medway that we all like but is too far away from mom's work. and theres a house in framingham that is practical and closer to mom's work but it's more expensive and dad doesn't really like it too much, so my parents are trying to figure it out,

less than a month until im 21!!! i want to do something gay, like a drag show or a lesbian club... but there arent any lesbian clubs in boston.