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Long Time No See

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Altavalon's picture
on November 7, 2019 - 6:53am

It's been a long time since I've had a want to revisit my blogs on here or post anything new. Honestly, I might have forgotten how often I used to do this. But I suppose the idea of continuing to visit this community while the band was broken up was just too painful. It felt like I was holding onto false hope that they would come back, sooner rather than later. And I had to find other interests to fill my time while still being a loyal fan to MCR, holding onto the DVDs, Books/Magazines, T-shirts, and if any local store (recently FYE) decided to sell more T-shirts, I would save the money up to buy them.

Little did any of us know what Halloween 2019 was going to mean to all of us. Here's the thing, I don't have another generation of people to pass the MCR torch onto. I am getting to that age where I feel like I'm too old to have children safely and I don't think I want them now anyways. Too many years of working in retail and seeing the good, bad and most importantly ugly when it comes to ill-equipped parents and their crying children. But even in my mid-thirties, I can safely say that the Killjoy that lives within me is safely intact and was waiting for a chance to come back out. Oh, how I've missed these guys.

It's not to say that I will habitually post on here like before. Nothing much has changed for me and I still am the only person that I know that loves this band as much as the rest of you. The last concert I went to was My Chemical Romance in 2011, and I've made no progress to see any other artist or band live since. Today's music just doesn't shine for me as much as they did. But I know they are coming back better than ever and I'm excited to see and hear what is coming next. Hopefully new music in the coming months. I'll be on the lookout. This comeback also talked me into doing my first Hot Topic order online just to get a couple items. Last time this band was around, I had a HT store in my local mall. Since then, they've closed up and the nearest one is over an hour away from me. Sucks for someone who doesn't drive. So even though I prefer shopping at their stores because the ambience is half the fun, I guess I gotta take what I can get in this strange world we live in.

MCR Forever