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Live Each Day Like Its Your Last

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Moon_caster's picture
on February 14, 2020 - 3:13am

First tho, my family is going on vacation over break, and they're making me do a "screen detox" im gonna have 10 minutes a day to check texts, email, news, so i probably wont be very active for about a week.

'Live every day like its your last'
I've heard the phrase so many times.
Heres the thing though.
If i had a single day left to live,
I would cut my hair short.
I would march right into school and say all the things i wanted to, but never did.
I would hijack the PA and come out to everyone in the entire school, all at once.
I would say goodbye to all the people that were my friends, all the people that cared and showed me kindness.
Then I would go back home and pack up all the things that meant something to me, and a bit of money.
And I would sit in my room, maybe just for a few moments, strumming my guitar.
I would come out to my parents,
And then I would leave.
I would catch a bus, or maybe hitchhike,
To any city.
Maybe Newark. Maybe NYC. Maybe somewhere else entirely.
And I would listen to music all the while.
I would stop at coffee shops, and comic stores, and rundown 7/11s.
I would wander the city, entirely free.
I would try to help people, maybe even make some friends.
I would find somewhere to sit, and write a final poem.
I would send one last video message to my best friend. Thanking him. Saying goodbye.
And i would find somewhere beautiful, where I could see the sky.
And i'd make a playlist, and make sure that the last song on it was really the last song I ever wanted to listen to.
And i would then hit play.
And i would just sit there, listening.
And i hope, by that time, i would no longer want to die.
But some things are beyond our control