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Gerard-Slay's picture
on April 11, 2019 - 10:55am

sorry i don't post anymore. i moved schools and i broke up with my girlfriend because she cheated.. well that was almost 4 months ago now. but i have a boyfriend! his name is Axel and he means so much to me! only problem is that i keep getting distant due to major trust issues. but at least he understands, i feel like i can actually trust him. even if it's hard. my mom and i aren't getting along as well as we used to, but we get through it. i found out i'm not a girl. I'm trans and my mom and brother (only family i told) understand and i can get testosterone when im 18! honestly can't wait! I always felt like a boy and i'm glad my mom wasn't angry when i told her. I've been reading a lot on here lately and watching Supernatural! honestly though Castiel is so CUTE!! but anyway i'm kinda grounded until April 26 due to "bad" pictures on my instagram (it was a pic of my legs below the knee) so i can't talk a lot.. i'm writing this in school heh. probably gonna get ANOTHER detention because you know the vice principal is a dick! i mean i had my phone out to text my mom really quick one time and she took it from me and i got a saturday detention! like wtf?! i didn't know it was ILLEGAL to message my MOTHER!? ugh anyway enough about that thot before i pull a Sam and Dean and fight someone lmao. okay i gotta go now before the hoe comes and yells at me again.