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late happy birthday to gee/discharge!!

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zzombieyum's picture
on April 10, 2019 - 4:47am

happy birthday gee
whoop de de
youre 42
look at you!
you eat the cake
with the stars you make
we're all here for you
you get us through
our hero to the end
im sure you're a great friend!


sorry guys that got a little wack. i had coofee. but i must say it increases my poetry abilities

good news fellas! im splitting this joint today! im going home and im going to pet my dogs and shower and go to a thrift store and cut my hair like anthony's hair and dye my hair and dye my armpit hair. i can't wait to go home! ive been in the hospital for 10 days. not my longest stay but still too long! i cant wait to drive home in my car and listen to music while i drive. im not sure what i'll listent to though. the distillers? the interupters? MCR? my punky funky playlist? so many options!!!

im leaving around noon or one. 4 or 5 hours left.

anyways i gotta go get meds and vitals and fill out some surveys and paaack

love ya buckos!