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Killjoy OC

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Psych_Ace's picture
on March 25, 2020 - 3:58pm

Ok, kids, i hope its ok if i join this killjoy thing. I know i'm late. I created this character a while ago. He is alot like me. He basically is me as a killjoy.

This is Psych Ace, reporting from the zones. I ran from the zones a couple years ago, when BLI took my mom, and replaced her with a bot.
My older brother..... well, he's not around anymore. I regret that. I made it to the zones, though.
I found another, older killjoy, Dust Devil. She taught me some, about BLI, the real stories about the killjoys, fighting dracs, how to survive.
Then one day, we ran into some dracs. She told me to go, to leave her. But i couldn't. I stood there, frozen. I watched her get shot. I should have done something, but i couldnt move.
She was the second person who i watched die at the hands of BLI, she was the second person that i did nothing to save.
I can remember her voice, she was a smart ass till BLI finally shut her up. And, i guess it was the shock of seeing her body, lying dead in the hot golden sand that snapped me out of it.
And i did run. I ran and i never looked back, as far away from Battery City as i could go.
At some point i happened across and old 7/11. Got purple hair dye, some food, a bit of water, sunglasses, and a blaster.
I discovered i dumpster in the back, with a shit ton of old clothes. I still had my combat boots, my brother had given them to me, He had been around before BLI had seized complete control.
But i needed something besides my BLI issued clothes. I found some old ragged black skinny jeans, a cream colored leather jacket, and some random dark grey t-shirt. I dyed my hair in the small bathroom inside.
Lemme tell you, i looked bad ass. I left, back into the desert again. Been on my own ever since, occasionally killin dracs, trying to find a god damn binder.
Keep runnin, Killjoys