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Kickin Wing Animal Doctor

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BlueBurnsBlack's picture
on May 11, 2020 - 2:03pm

Alrighty then I guess I’m late to the party

Intro: I've taken all this time to
Show to you my lines,
To read to you my rhymes,
You'll never memorize,
Please don't forget me.
Now you have taught me
How to live by grace,
And I will do this until my dying day.
How could I ever fall away from you? ( Fall away from you)
You taught me how to live like Christ,
And how to show my face in the worst of times,
And all I can say is thank you.

1. My Username is a Combination of Blue On Black - Kenny Wayne Shepherd, and Blue Burns Orange - Hawthorne Heights.
2. I made my Account my Senior Year of High School.
3. I got the Flu, 1 week prior to MCR’s Concert in Atlanta, the year the Black Parade came out; and my parents promised to buy me tickets.
4. My Birthday is 9/24/1991 ( I’m 28) currently.
5. I dated a Girl off of here for 2 years ( Long Distance)
6. I’m a Christian
7. My Favorite Poet is Edgar Allan Poe
8. I like Fantasy Books
9. I’m a Combination of Emo/Skater/Southern, ( I might not have Emo hair), but I have scars, I used to skateboard and bmx; but couldn’t do tricks, just ride around.
10. I’m from Atlanta, Georgia.