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zzombieyum's picture
on July 11, 2019 - 2:42pm

man i have been so bored today

made phone calls to a bunch of different departments at school.trying to make sure everything is sorted out.

im working on the writing placement exam. i can do it at home. i just have to write an essay based on an article and i'll be placed in ENL101 or ENL102.

i know my account says differently since my chpeverillconti account was mysteriously deleted, but ive been here for 6 years. isn't that crazy? some times i post less consistently for a little while. but i always come back strong. i guess i just like consistency and all you guys. the MCRmy has such a good vibe. and IMCRD is coming up!! july 23, right??? im out of merch so idk how ill celebrate.... maybe ill do some danger days makeup or wear a cape or something idk.

we are preparing to sell the house still. we posted our listing on Red Fin today.

i had something else in mind that i wanted to write about but i forget.

i make a playlist every month of my favorite songs of the month. i think i'll start posting them on here. they're pretty fun. i'll post June's in a sec.