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Insensitive people

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sophisakilljoy's picture
on June 29, 2020 - 1:17pm

I have to cover up my wrist for some sad reasons (some of you could guess why) and today I put half of a sock on it so it was like a thick wristband, and one of my ‘friends’ saw it and tried pulling it off. When someone notices my wrist I pretend I accidentally hurt it, but it’s not an actual accident. So anyway I made up a story as to why I needed my wrist covered and he didn’t believe me, he would grab my wrist super tightly and it hurt a lot, and he constantly made fun of me, made me feel like garbage because I needed my wrist covered. Do people even consider for one second that you are going through more than it seems?!? Like honestly He didn’t even stop for a second and consider that maybe there is something serious going on in my life. But anyway one of my close friends told my crush what is going on with me, and my crush got super angry at the kid who was making fun of me. But like why are people jerks sometimes?? He would say ‘why do you need to hide your wrist from us?? Are you trying to look cool??’ NO IM NOT TRYING TO LOOK COOL!!!!!!
What do I say to get this kid to leave me aloneeeee
-xoxo, soph