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im at school now and i already cried (over pizza)

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zzombieyum's picture
on August 31, 2019 - 2:21pm

hey guys!

i havent posted in a while since ive been getting ready to move into school. Here I am! theres no AC in my dorm and that sucks, but im on floor G which is basically the basement but there are windows that are pretty sizable so it isn't exactly a basement. but the upside is it's the coolest floor as heat rises! at night it can get into the 60's even though its pretty hot. its 76f here now.

my dorm room is nice. not as nice as the one at salem university, but ti's big enough for my roommate (who will be moving in tomorrow) and myself. Im all unpacked. My room came with a desk, a bed that is so high up that i need a running start or a chair to get onto it (although i must add that i am 5'1.5 inches tall), a set of drawers, a closet, and a chair.

ive already started making friends! Ive made three friends so far, which is fantastic because i think thats what made salem not work for me. these are very casual friends right now but i can definitely see our friendships developing!

the only disaster that has happened so far was at lunch today. I did a program here called the pre college workshop. thats why i moved in a little early. its for kids with disabilities accommodations to learn about their resources and how to take advantage of them. it was a good program. anyways, in a small group i was in, people who were comfortable to share their disability and how they managed it in school could. i felt that i had learned to manage my debilities in school very well. so i shared that i have adhd, bipolar, borderline personality disorder, anxiety and anorexia and how i cope. then, after having just disclosed my anorexia diagnosis, we went to lunch and of corse they were serving fucking pizza. i was pretty stressed and not going to eat pizza, of all foods. so i wasn't eating. a peer leader was urging me to eat and i was so stressed and anxious i started to fucking cry! he went outside with me and we talked and i cried so much oh my god i feel so stupid and i hate that my anorexia comes everywhere with me. anyways, i did eat some snacks when i got back to my dorm. i sat with the same people at meals every day and that helped though because since they saw me eat a few times i didnt feel as guilty when they saw me eat.

that was a bit of a rant but sometimes you gotta rant that shit, you know?

hope you all are doing well and have a fab school year if your in any schooling :)