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I'm exhausted!!

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msunevershouldeverknow's picture
on September 26, 2017 - 12:52pm

I don't even really want to attempt another post after the spam trigger last time, but I want to say something.

Well, let's see, it's fall here but it's like almost 90F. Wtf?! I'm going to try to get out though and get some sun.

I wanted to write about so much last post. Basically how life has been different now from a year ago. It's really odd. This odd weather is not helping me move forward past some old memories, but maybe that's good? Good for some good stuff?? Although it's not really...meh! who cares! I'm going to choose to be positive...

focus on the music and stuff. So, yeah, MCRX anniversary. When the heck is it?! Haha yesterday, in fact, I pulled out my banner and took a pic of it on my new couch (I really need Instagram. I take all kinds of odd pics), but for now you must imagine. So yeah, was pretty cool, but it couldn't stay, so I packed it back up ...for anniversary next year. haha!

Electric Century! I wanted to say I've been listening to that album again. <3 But I've already moved on again. lol Yeah, oh but EC plays very well with some The Smashing Pumpkins. Today I was back to Limp Bizkit briefly. Any other fans of the Limp?? :P

Ok, well, I'm exhausted! Gonna go refresh with either some outside and maybe try yoga again. Haha I'm an Emo Hippie! lol j/k I'm just me. Whatever odd combination that is. :D

Take care and keep running Killjoys!