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I wrote a poem.

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T̸̡͙҇͂̓̔h̵̨̛̠̀̀̔e̵̬͗͜͡ N̵̡̛͚̖̑ơ̴͇̟͚͗̃̀͢ǐ̸̛̬̥̌͢r̷̢̭̳͆̈́̕'s picture
on August 22, 2019 - 8:30pm

I was very bored in class and i was in a strange mood. i wrote multiple poems, but this one i fell needs to be shared. I have this disorder, i am receiving help, and i wrote the whole thing i am showing you all. Someone i knew, not very well, committed suicide two years ago, and it shook the whole town. It wasnt very long after a shooting occurred in our town too. I'm doing ok, i just wanted to share this with people.

The water
My mind is going under.
It does every once in a while.
Sometimes diving headfirst,
Willingly letting it drown out
All of everything else
Good or bad

Sometimes it gets dragged down,
Washed over the waters edge
By an unseen wave

Its never drowned,
But it will only take a little time
Until its dragged down too deep,
And i'm lost to the water…

This poem is about depression. Depression is something that many people have. Over 8% of adults over 20 have been diagnosed. Many teenagers have it as well. It can leave you feeling sad, or empty, irritable, hopeless…
Depression can be caused by genes passed down from family member to family member, Some say it may be caused by a lower amount of activity in your frontal lobe, certain medical conditions, early childhood trauma, and drug or alcohol use.
Some people say they are depressed without really knowing, while others actually have depression but have no idea.
Dont call use depression as a slur. It is a serious disorder that can make people self harm or attempt suicide. Even if they dont truly have the disorder, it still hurts. If they do have it you may be worsening it. It could make them feel more hopeless, or even cause them to have thoughts of suicide if they dont already have them.
If you have depression or think you have it, talk to your doctor and tell them your symptoms. If you are having self harming or suicidal thoughts, you can call 800-273-8255.
If you think someone has the immediate risk of suicide, call 911. Stay with them, remove any dangerous object or objects that could become dangerous, and listen to them. Let them talk, listen to them, but dont judge or reprimand them. Just let them tell you and be there for them.
Thats all.

Thanks for reading my strange mind's way of expressing itself. :)