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I Quinn cannot even funtion

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Niko cannot even's picture
on September 24, 2020 - 1:59pm

This morning I almost fell off of my loft bed when I tried climbing down the ladder. I was listening to music while doing my school work, I'm doing virtual, and a bunch of Danger Days songs came on so I just sat here with all this energy and doing nothing with it. It makes me want to go fight against the main-stream and social-norms, but I can't because my family and I have no self-confidence. I really want to move to Washington because it rains a lot, be an English major, live in a cute little place with a wonderful woman and plants, bake bread at 3 am, while it rains outside, slow-dancing to Frank Sinatra, or listening to MCR. I'm not digging school right now, I want to draw but I have no inspiration or motivation. My grandpa passed away last year around this time and I keep thinking about that, my grades are decent I guess, my friends haven't been talking to me and won't respond to my messages, and I've got so much I need to do but I have no motivation. I just want everything to be quiet. That's all, if anyone needs someone to talk to I'm open to that.