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i guess its cool?

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T̸̡͙҇͂̓̔h̵̨̛̠̀̀̔e̵̬͗͜͡ N̵̡̛͚̖̑ơ̴͇̟͚͗̃̀͢ǐ̸̛̬̥̌͢r̷̢̭̳͆̈́̕'s picture
on October 8, 2019 - 8:36am

So i was supposed to take a chemistry nine weeks test today. actually in the class right now. we have block schedule, which basically means that we go to 1,3,5,7 and the classes are an hour and a half, then tomorrow it should be 2,4,6 (with some kind of field day or something at the end). But the test today, the internet completely freaked and shut down three times, so we ended up not taking the test this period. so i just have a JROTC test (takes maybe 10 minutes) and then a lot of free time in that class yay. so yeah. love yall, wish me luck, i have a ceramics test after lunch, then spanish. the spanish one is hopefully not gonna be hell. i studied for an hour last night with my mom. she figured out if she gives me candy each time (lol im totally a five year old mentally) then i remember stuff easier. so every thing that i got right she gave me a piece of candy, and every one i got wrong, she took one. i have a backpack pocket full of candy right now. so im happy.