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tothestratosphere's picture
on March 11, 2016 - 6:36pm

hey guys! (anyone out there) so yeah, I have finally completed my three week externship. I know, three weeks, not long. but oh my gosh, it seemed like an eternity. I did complete my one hundred sticks that I had to do. more than half were like finger sticks and the rest were arm sticks. I actually finished my one hundred on Thursday but I still had to go in today to finish my two hundred hours. my supervisor actually did let me leave early since there were no patients scheduled in the afternoon. so in the afternoon I handed my sign off sheets to my supervisor so she could sign off on them and write how I had done and if I passed. when she handed my papers back to me I did not look at them because I was sort of nervous of what she had wrote (guys remember of my last blog where on my first week she gave me a lecture about how I should take more initiative) anyways I took my papers, folded them in half, thanked her for having me and helping me. I got into my car and drove out of the parking lot. I said to myself as I walked to my car that I would look at my results at the first stop light I drive up to. and right out of the parking lot there is one. aahhh! so I picked up the paper and opened it. out of one to five points in lots of categories, she gave me a score of fives all the way done the sheet. (five being the best) in the additional comments section at the bottom, she wrote Thank you for all of your help, you did a great job and I wish you the best in your future! I could not believe it. I know this might sound cheesy or lame, but I started crying. I guess it was because of what I was reading and a huge part that I was relieved that I had finished and that this lady actually gave me a great review. so there I was crying. the light turned green so I tried to get myself together because I did not want to get home with my eyes all red. hmm, so yeah, that was that. now, I have to think about whats next. she did ask me on Thursday actually. honestly I told her, I did not know, that I was thinking about going back to school to study something else. she told me that that sounded good. so yeah. that was that.