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I like to be busy

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eveisemo's picture
on December 1, 2021 - 7:21pm

1. ! like to be busy because i cant be left alone for a long time or i don't know what to so. I cant come up with things to do if I just have to sit around that's why I don't play that many video games.
2. I can get over my anxiety better when I have a lot of things to do so that when I have to do the really big things they are less stressful.
3. I can be around people without having to worry how to act. when I have to spend time with people and I don't have things to do I worry that I won't be interesting but if i can talk about what we are doing i can get along with them way better.
why am I thinking about this now? because I just drank a monster and i have a lot of energy and I usually write blogs when im doing my homework so that I can take a break and not destroy my mind.
what do you guys like to do? do you stay busy or can you spend time on your own just chilling out? advice for socializing when your not good at being casual? I have to hang out with my dates friends and I want to be nice to them and make friends but I cant just talk to people i get along with people when we have to do things together.
and what music should I listen to?