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here we go again... pt. 3/cherri cola's report

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zzombieyum's picture
on April 3, 2019 - 1:41pm

good morning killjoys!

Cherri Cola here,we got some bad news coming throught the radiowaves regarding cosmic constellation. Here they are in Mclean's PH2 hospital for the third time this year. It sucks but they are rocking that hospital band like no one else you've ever seen. a little mix up in the mind sent them this way, but cosmic will be fresher than the fresh air they are missing in no time.
- cherri

hey guys! Z here now haha. That was fun to write. definatltey bringhted the blue bospital walls that surround me here in the group room.
man it sucks to be here. i wont say why im here but youcan make any guesses or assumtptions you please.
getting some visitors tonight. mom and dylan.
been listening to a lot of the distillers today.
today i drew in my bible. i checked in with staff. Took some meds. Hung out with other patients. thats about it.
Love you kiddos, hope you are doing better than me right now, and if not, that you can ask for help.
keep running