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gore websites are rightfully horrifying

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foolerrant's picture
on August 9, 2019 - 8:03pm

so i can't believe that i just spent around an hour even looking at that garbage, it was really hard to watch and i feel very stressed now but i also feel like i learned something? i don't know...... i vaguely remember when bestgore dot com was taken down, i think it was on some internet news site somewhere and i was familiar with shock videos, like i've watched them before but for some reason my curiosity once again got the best of me and i was like, whatevs let's look at one of these weird ominous websites full of actual videos of people being murdered....UHM big mistake!! don't recommend!! not only is it visually traumatizing, the guilt and panic i felt about watching people, real people! being violated and tortured, is, so, awful, and i feel so fucking bad for them and it's completely unfounded because there's nothing i can do?? (Obviously not watching those videos helps) but in a way like, it feels selfish, in every way it's gross and even more in violation of victims to have their tragedies broadcast to the world

the only word that i could even think while perusing those sites was "amazing" and not in a good way obviously but just like, awestruck, being amazed at how people can do those things to other people and the fact that it's documented and publicly available to anyone, i hate to imagine little kids stumbling across those sites, it makes me shudder, i don't know why i'm even talking about it bcos by doing that i'm just drawing attn to it but i figure like, i need get this off my chest and this is the one place that most likely no one will see it so HAH wow, anyway i'm literally running on some form of fucked up adrenaline while typing this it's such a bizarre feeling

in the unlikely that someone is reading this, what's the most shocking or messed up thing you've seen online? how did it make you feel? i'm curious if anyone has similar experiences and if not pls don't go after trying to search this stuff out, it is not worth any amount of curiosity because it is not anyway satisfying, it's just gross and inhumane :|

also not that it matters but im fine jicyc