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Gonna miss you Copacetic aka ThreeCheers! :)

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msunevershouldeverknow's picture
on December 3, 2016 - 10:40pm

As the title says. Hope ya don't mind, took some time reminiscing through our old posts and conversations and listening to some songs for ya (yeah yeah, you might not even see this sadly...well, sad for us. Happy for you! So happy to hear when someone is doing well!)

So I was reading one of your posts about trying to stay positive and "fake it till ya make it" (my Mama always used to say that!) But that sometimes, just sometimes we really have to be honest, right?? Well, lately I've been having a bit of a self pity party with another community I'm a part of and well, because I was feeling bad maybe I said some things...I really didn't think they were offensive or hurtful at all!! But some members thought so (I was asking about bipolar disorder, because I ...idk. I just wonder about it for myself for a long time, but I've never been diagnosed or I suppose, never had it bad enough to really concern me) Well, a few thought I was being rude trying to ask what it's like. Sorry, but people have brought it up on the site! And I thought...idk. I hope I'm not putting my foot in my mouth here again. And I also realize I'm an adult who "should know better", but frankly, I don't! I don't see why asking about something is a crime! I didn't ask anyone specifically nor did I like be demanding about it or anything. I just wanted to talk!

Anyway, so Idk. For all I know, my "symptoms" are just because of lady stuff, you know? Wow! don't make me spell it out. I'm already embarrassed by it. but that and anxiety...I mean, I'm already worrying about what 100s of other members might be thinking of me, when someone gives me grief about a post, well the anxiety starts all over! I have a few good friends there (I think??) so that's what's been keeping me there, but...well, it's honestly been a roller coaster ride, because it keeps going back between such dislike for me with such love! And I just fear one day, it's all going to come crashing down...or it's all going to be lost. :(

Well, so, I meant for this to be about starting a new chapter again of being positive. To get into the habit of not talking of depressing things over there. But it really bugs me when "they" can, but I can't. Well,...I suppose I can talk about ME. I don't know. *sigh!

I hope I can still count on this site. As I said, being the older one, I feel so lame and pathetic that I know, but us old folks have feelings too! (and actually, that other site has folks my age...i think sometimes that makes it more challenging.) hmm

Well, bittersweet feelings. Gonna miss you ThreeCheers! And just well, I'll try to preserve your memory by working on making myself good again and just cherishing this community so much.

much love to the MCRmy!!! :)