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Micah_Cyanide-Heart's picture
on May 22, 2020 - 12:13pm

fucking KILL ME

The fucking mp3player ive had for four fucking years and collected music for four fucking years on
fell in my fucking water last night
and i didnt know
and so its so fucked

holy shit four fucking years of music GONE

fuck my life
i honestly want to fucking rip something apart

holy fuck im so pissed right now
im about to go outside and tear my fucking knuckles to shreds on the tree

my mom is frantically getting me a new one because four fucking years of music is totally gonna be easy to fucking fix

i might just go steal some fucking booze from the kitchen
maybe some fucking weed

im gonna fucking kill something

i had mcr
i had panic
i had fob
i had top
i had falling in reverse
i had so much fucking music on that



i listen to that shit when i cant fall asleep
i listen to that shit when i do chores
i listen to that shit when i want to kill myself
i listen to that shit when im pissed as fuck
i listen to that shit when im happy
i listen to that shit when im having a panic attack


my fucking wall is gonna break if i punch it

im on the verge of not giving a fuck and making my room a patio with a hammer

god my mom just came saying its gonna come in thursday

i might sound like im fucking overexaggerating or some shit like that by saying i dont fucking know if i can last 6 days but thats how fucking done I am right now

If i dont attempt suicide i might break a lot of shit
and i just got that fucking gorgeous guitar

god why am i such a fucking idiot
i should have taken that damn cup out of my room
or at least not thrown my fucking music off my bed
im so fuckign stupid
GOD why am i so stupid