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Frank Iero & the Patience Rise Against Deftones

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tothestratosphere's picture
on July 4, 2017 - 9:37pm

Hi!!!! people. A week ago today I got to see Frank & the Patience in my city! Along with Thrice, Rise Against and Deftones. Guys this lineup is AWESOME! I can honestly say that this has been my first concert where I have actually liked all the bands. Because you know sometimes you go to a show for the headliner and have to wait until they take the stage. Have to wait until all the opening bands are done, sometimes I come across some new up and coming bands whose sets I liked and others not so much. but anyways, like I was saying I loved all four bands. I think the Patience's set was like thirty minutes. Thrice followed. I had heard about them but hadn't gotten around to really listen to their music. Their set was great. Omg then co-headliner Rise Against! My second time seeing them, after years. Freakin Awesome! Btw, I actually got to meet the band before the show. Nice people. Finally Deftones. Love them. I'll be honest I was super excited about this summer tour when it was announced because of Rise Against and Deftones. When I found out the Patience was also playing I was like, Great I get to see Frnk and his band perform for the first time. The new Rise Against album Wolves is pretty great. I would recommend it, so go and listen to it! Awesome band.