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Education is an inseparable part of your personality!

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TommyGrey's picture
on March 30, 2020 - 9:41am

While financial trial education puts down roots as one of the bottom lines and most important assets of the file search engine. In fact, it is acknowledged as the win-win direct dedication of financial and time resources. It is essential to include all the major chains in your education structure: from the elementary school up to the period when you graduate from the university and perhaps starts to look for the job or keep it on with your studies and go for the master’s program, followed by Ph.D. Degree If you take out one of the stages, the learning process will be not consistent.

Experts from say that during your elementary, middle and high school, you can create a basis for an upcoming bachelor program in the academy. This is one of the basis, why there are so many courses, which are not related to each other at all (like P.E. physical education, languages), but they are still put together on the program list.
The main point of this is to provide the student the basic knowledge about the most important spheres of people's life and development. Nevertheless, I think there are a few distinctions between the earlier periods of the education process in the USA and Europe.

In the USA starting from early periods the system is created in such a direction, that pupils start to break down their learning to specialization, which will be most likely tied up with their upcoming work. Relatively speaking, the learning process requires more job oriented appeal. On the other hand in Europe, we witness more theory and general classic education. Pupils study a single subject without connecting it too much to their future possible job. Which technique is the best? Experts advise to certainly, representatives of each side will argue and try to prove the weak sides of another structure. Nevertheless, this debate will never be finished.

Throughout the whole time, both ways proved to be efficient and be able to provide an appropriate level of study preparation of children before leaving for the big world. the settler’s 7 key, therefore, it is all the time depends on you: go deeper in the clean subjects and gain superior theoretical knowledge or abstract a little bit and try to begin with applying your experience to the desired type of work already while studying at the first stages.

Another issue, which must be also certainly put into attention is the appeal to the academy education in various areas. In the USA and the countries of past USSR (we will use these for comparing since those represent the issues in question in the most understandable way) majority of the time student is placed in quite a draconian position and must determine the course, which he or she is going to study very carefully as the way of changing the college is very time consuming and requires a lot of resources. In European states we have a different situation: students are very protected while their university period and have the possibility to change their course around 3 times !? Switching too many times does not create any additional value for the student. How might these distinctions be clarified? I think that the governmental social instruments are the core determinants in this case.

USA, countries of past USSR are very in a rut and social security policies as the belief are not highly perceived on the national level. In the USA it is like this as a consequence of common ethics, pointing towards favorable tax conditions, the top position of private property, while in the states of former USSR the economical development rocketing and the state-owned social security programs are only emerging. In Europe on the opposite side we see, that social protection has a very important role in people's lives, and therefore in students' lives in this case. Having protection from the government, students can concentrate on studies. They also can search in google “who can write my essay for me Canada”. During these processes, students do not risk being put to the army or some obligatory tasks, which will put the education process in a puzzling position. Without regard to there are of course some drawbacks.

First of all, sometimes due to this calm position students are not motivated enough and therefore do not use their time properly and have a probability to end up putting a bit too much on their bachelor program for example. If they had spent a lot of force, they presumptively would have finished the bachelor’s degree much faster as the result would have a possibility to register for master’s program in advance starting their job and therefore enhance their salary prospects.

Therefore, you can agree that education is one of the most diverse and challenging periods in life and there are a lot of ways to choose from, it's up to you to decide which one to undertake.