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The drunk future of my chemical romance

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it was the march of 2019's picture
on March 1, 2019 - 6:37pm

it was the march of 2019, Gerard had done songs with ray and frank is all like "yo let me join" and they're all like "ok" so then Mikey is all like "wait, you got the band back together and you didn't tell me" and his and Gerard's mom is all like "Gerard let mikey bacc into the band" and Gerard, Frank and ray are all like "oooookkkkkaaaayyy" and so once they are all back together, Gerard is all like "maybe we should play some classics to get back in the swing of things" so they play sum fricken "welcome to the black parade", "na na na (nanananana)", " I'm not okay", "famous last words","helena" so then once they do that Gerard is all "yooo lets do sum new music and stuff" so together they write this bangin album and frank is all "yooooooo they are going to ge crazy" so then its the 22nd and ray is like "remember when we broke up 6 years ago exactly, lets announce the return today" so then all the fans phone start going off and they are all like "yo wtf" and they're siri and google assistant and alexa are all blastin welcome to the black parade then the new album and this message shows up on their phone tellin them that mcr was back and they all strart crying. So now is that point when gerard is like 'yooooo, they wanna hear the new stuff live lets go on tour so they all go on this tour and they are all like "I'm too old for this maybe we should like keep the band together but thiss will be the last tour" so they call it "So long and Goodnight tour" and mikey like friken rocks it on his bass then like he realizes "wait what if after this tour, we can go on tour with Panic! at the disco, fall out boy and Twenty one Pilots and call it the 'Im telling you the truth, im not okay tour' like fer real tho" and so they do their last solo tour and their last tour with patd, fob and top. So then finally they finish the tour and gerard is all like "i wanna spend time with my family" and so he does, then they all live happily ever after