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from darkness to light pt 1

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msunevershouldeverknow's picture
on February 2, 2016 - 6:51am

Good day to you all! I'm going to make one of those multi series blogs today. Keep in mind, I am tired and wired but I have to say this before I forget. Not exactly sure if this qualifies as religious content, not going into specifics or anything, and it's only my feelings, so it should be ok. But if you don't believe in God, i hope you can believe in me and with that, i ask you to please give this a read.

I woke up after a startlingly dream this morning...about someone I don't think too much about theae days, but was a ....well, like a big brother to me,my closest cousin, my first closest cousin, for I have since, made other ffriendships. (Sooo tired and stubborn Samsung Tablet!-sorry)

We were the best buds and he coached me through , y first crush. Yes, the two were in this play together (how I came to theatre, tho I don't partake in it , much these days, I do enjoy your stories).
We always hung out at some point of the day (oh gah! I just remembered, he kindof taught me what a french kiss, not on me. Was teasing me (this was before we were friends), flicking his tongue at me, and then I realized what it meant. I am not explainingit best, can't recall the exact words he said anymore, but...oh, why am I telling this? I guess because it just shows we spent a lot of time together and this is how I learned some facts of life.)
Anyway, I was saying some point in the day at reunions and family parties and one such trip, he rode with my family and I, spent from the day's activities, laid my head on his shoulder and breathed into his shirt. My first real love, not crush, not romantic, but pure beautiful love. He got out of the car but left his shirt. I took it and breathed it in in remembrance of him. (Perhaps that was weird? Idk but when my Grandpa passed on later, one of my other cousins admitted doing this with his old clothes to remember I am not alone here)

Continue? (I probably will anyway, but I maybe gtg now)