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dam who else got the living jeezus scared outta them when the website stopped working

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stakethevampires's picture
on September 15, 2020 - 6:33pm

lol at this point we can all agree that this website is therapy for the people who either a) can't afford therapy or b) are too afraid to talk to their family or friends about their issues, so THAT was borderline terrifying. i stg i almost had a mental breakdown spiraling into the worst-case scenario that this site would never get fixed cuz of how small it is and that i had nobody's contact info yyyikes we gotta make like a back-up google classroom or sm so that we can still maintain this community if this happens again. i missed you all, it's only been like a few days haha.

but there are a few things i wanna talk about that i couldn't rant on earlier this week which is!!!

i'm moving halfway across the country by the end of the year and that's wild because we have no idea what's gonna happen but my family is like "this is something we all need to do because obviously no one in this family has many friends here or is generally happy" and i'm honestly so excited cuz the place where we're moving is where my other relatives live and i never get to see them ahh!!! i'm so happy. obviously switching schools will be goofy but whatever bro, i just hope they have ap gov because i've been getting into politics (mostly anarchist theories for my liberal soul) and it's really interesting wow never thought i'd get into that but here we are. also! the kids at my current school are very homophobic!! not sure if it'll be better/worse where we move but i'm hoping for the best (even tho i think the majority of ppl there will be country bois and my grandma has a picture of jesus hugging trump in her apartment so yeah i'm scared thank you). i'm not technically allowed to tell anyone about this but it's anonymous so!! cool.

also i literally talked myself out of relapsing/trying to not eat by telling myself it's not punk rock to starve urself because punk is all about going against society/being yourself/individual so i shouldn't want a "perfect" body yee yee anyway that's it gtg goodnight