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from d to l pt 3

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msunevershouldeverknow's picture
on February 2, 2016 - 7:11am

Back to my cousin,

so he moved on too. Was making a life for himself. I was happy for him, butstill mmissed him dearly. He couldn't come visit because of his job. Finally, one time he came. Oh I wish I could hold him like that forever because not long after that, would things get really bad.

ok, so I don't remember details, nor am I feeling qualified to talk on such matters given information via word of mouth and not directly from those involved, but apparently, he kindof went psycho...and I say this, kindof as avictim, so my word choice is poor. Not to me, but he became so mentally unstable, refused medicine and became violent.

I hate to end now like this, but I really think I have to go and I can't think just how to continue yet either....