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Concerning MCR Reunion Murmurs (and other stuff)

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ifhighgate's picture
on June 14, 2019 - 9:28am

I honestly think that if they got together some time soon that their music will be better than all of their past albums and that it wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing for them personally if they did.

Reasons why I think this:

1. All of them are in a better place now emotionally/mentally
2. All of them have matured even MORE musically
3. Gerard Way has said that if they ever did get back together, they wouldn't be a stress driven music-making machine (literally said, "....we wouldn’t be in that machine anymore"), so I think they'll feel more confident releasing stuff like the reported 28 scrapped songs prior to Danger Days or just stuff they enjoy making together.

Although, if they DID get back together, it probably won't be for another year-ish or so (because of emo_slut's aforementioned reasons* <-which I view as "reasons they won't reunite right NOW").

Just some food for thought...

But regardless, I love their individual works and projects they've been working on the past few years as well so it's not like they're DEAD, ya know? Regardless, they'll always have a place in our hearts <3 my only regret is that I took them for granted and never saw them live :(

Never again will I take MCR for granted, never again.

(*emo_s's quote/blog: )
(**Note: I commented this on emo_slut's post but it looked like it was long enough to be a blog itself so...there you go.)