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complete fail

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tothestratosphere's picture
on May 11, 2016 - 3:09pm

so if you read my other blogs you might know that I have been working towards my phlebotomy certification. I went to school, finished externship and the last thing to do was take my certification test. well, today was the day. and damn it, it did not go as planned. I had studied, but not enough because at the end of the test, the screen read Fail. I showed up to the site. they take your picture, check your i.d. to make sure it is really you and even scan your palms. I was let into a room where there were other people already taking their tests. the tests varied, they were not all phlebotomy related. anyways, I was at computer number sixteen. I was signed in and started my test. honestly, some of the questions, I was like what the fuck, I did not review this material and did not know the answer. like I already said, I did not pass. they said I was going to receive an email with my score in two days. ugh, now I have to study again, and retake this test. but it has to get done. anyways so that was today.