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Bucket list

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Zurp's picture
on June 26, 2020 - 1:15am

imagine if you will
a truck.
a cement truck.
the cement is a compounded cocktail of garbage, trash, recycling and refuse.
A cemented fermentation of dementia and daemons en absentia
there's a highway.
and this highway leads to every where.
one exit leads to the land of the great view.
another leads to the lands of great thunder and echo.
yet another leads to the land of soft ground.
and the last leads to a land of great flavor.
but before the truck can reach it's destinations
to pave over these natural beauties
and make the world bland
it must break a barrier. and it does

and every day, the earth gets a little blander.
but, there is a bus.
and every week, this bus picks up passengers that help plant new plants
and things to crack and break the cement.
but eventually, some people get off the bus. and others
still get on.
but one day, one person got off.
and no-one got on.
there was an empty seat.
there was less weight
there was more speed.
there was less fuel.
and then, someone else got off.
and at every stop, someone got off.
and only a few remain.
and the fewer people on board, the nearer the end of the line.
the driver has never changed.
he never had a copilot.
and now, the driver can't wait to have his day off.
and now the driver
the passengers are tired of cleaning and planting.
the driver is tired of driving.
the passengers would like to get off
the driver just can't wait.
he can't wait for the end of the line.