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rockon7--'s picture
on October 27, 2021 - 5:31pm

you know, im going to begin a blog now

it might suck but i hope that it has some use

i think it will help me out quite a bit.

so here's today i guess:

today i went to school like normal

it wasn't the best day ever...

-i told some my friends something (i can't put it here) they were great about it (actually, one of them didn't answer my email so we'll see what happens)

i went through my classes, it was fine ig but...

-p.e. sucked, as pretty much always

-i got threatened a bit for NO REASON so that's great

-the kid who sits next to me in math shoved my chair over, tipping me onto the ground (what fun!) and the teacher got mad at me for some reason
she got mad again when HE was messing around and i was just putting on my fucking hoodie
i didn't even do anything...
he thought i stabbed him in the back (literally) with a pencil but one of the kids behind him did (i swear!) for no reason at all (fucking liars)
also one of those kids that sit behind me misgendered me for some reason???
pretty much all the kids in that class think i'm a cis boy, and i dress and look like a boy so why the fuck did he refer to me with the pronoun 'her'?

-some dysphoria (deeelightfulll)

it was actually hard lol but my friend who's been absent for a while came back so that's awesome

i'm tired, but i have so much hw to do so i guess i'll do that now

i'll update tomorrow ig

please drink water