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BlueBurnsBlack's picture
on July 14, 2020 - 5:30am

No clue what that title means, but uhhhh yeah a little update for y’all.

My sister and my dad are both sick, my dad tested negative for Rona.

My sister got tested, but no results yet. I’m perfectly healthy. No Fever, No Symptoms, nothing.

Anyways my mom tore her Rotator Cuff in her shoulder. ( I think that’s like the tendon or ligament in the arm, at the shoulder). So she will have to have surgery for that.

And she’ll be out of work for 12 weeks.

My ex ( we’ll call her S) [ note I’m using the first initial of there names] is getting engaged to her loser bf. I’m shocked and hurt at the same time, because I still have feelings for S.

My GF ( we’ll call her B) we have been talking to each other for 8 months, so basically since last Thanksgiving; is still considering me her BF, but she lives in Pennsylvania right now, with her ex; cuz she says her Anxiety is too severe to leave and come back home to Georgia, where I live. And she has a thyroid problem. So it’s been 8 months of talking to her, and she keeps saying she’s coming home, but hasn’t.

I feel like I’m hitting a brick wall there.

My BFF ( we’ll call Her SA) really likes me, and is flirtatious with me, but she lives in Arizona; so I’m just in a Cluster Fuck of emotions and women.

And then also I’m still looking elsewhere, for a relationship, because I feel like I’m getting no where with anyone.