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max iz dead's picture
on October 12, 2021 - 5:50pm

My Spanish teacher rearranged the seating chart so now I sit next to this really cool alt guy! I don't know if I should share his name so I'm just going to call him Bug for now. but let me tell you, he has the coolest name ever. I'm going to send him an email asking if he wants to be friends, and I'm gonna put in a bunch of frog memes to try and persuade him. The one friend I do have does not know of a thing called personal space. I painted my nails black this weekend and she grabbed my hand and was like "OMG UR SO EMOO HAHAHA" like tf? and fyi, I don't look emo I don't even classify myself as emo. I'm more like a pop-punk. but recently I've kinda liked the idea of dressing really emo for like a week just to spite the bitches in my school who use it as an insult. it wouldn't be a permanent thing, just every once in a while.
oh also in social studies I was bored and wrote the lyrics to I'm not okay (i promise) all in Japanese using google translate. I didn't finish till science (my second to last period).o(^▽^)o

stay safe, drink some water, cry if you have to, and don't become a casualty of society (go listen to fat lip by sum 41 if you don't get that) ok bye