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Awesome New but Old Videos!!

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msunevershouldeverknow's picture
on February 23, 2016 - 11:24am

Okay, so...

I will be trying not to obsess so much after today, but somehow I stumbled across this new but old MCR interview. (Oh right, I was going to watch that Musicast show again, but I felt like something not this interview was cool!) It's new, because I had never seen it, but old because it's probably one of their first interviews in 2003 (not 2002). Oh man! Gee is such a baby here!!! So cute! Of course they all are! I like how the others talked a little bit more too; not so much Ray, but Mikey and Matt and of course Gee's wingman Frank. It was a really good interview and haha that guy interrupting! Awe! It just goes to show how early and how natural they all were still back then. I would have loved seeing them in those days! (maybe this is why I like Frank so much now. He has returned to this sortof underground setting...of course folks aren't really joining him ONstage...but I guess he sometimes joins them in the crowds! hehe Silly Frankie!)

Speaking of those days, the second video I will share, is of a live performance of "Vampires will never hurt you" also from 2003, but a different show from the last video I posted a few days back, and also a video of good quality! Folks getting onstage with the band and singing with Gerard! Wow! I mean, those were the days! This has to be one of my favorite live performances! Again though, I'm never condoning that the band members should return to their worst of habits. Sober and happy shows are still always more beloved and better!

Um...ok, well then I guess just stay tuned for the videos in the comments section!