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any bvb fans?

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little emo bean's picture
on July 31, 2020 - 7:42pm

So if nobody's gonna talk about it, I am. (i kind of feel weird doing this, since this site is mcr fans, so sorry if it's weird) but BVB released "Re-Stitch These Wounds" yesterday, which is like a re-making of "We Stitch These Wounds", and i really love it. I think it has such good energy, and they really brought it to life. Both versions are incredible, and the amount of effort those guys put into every song is just amazing. "Knives and Pens" sounds awesome, but I prefer the original one, it sounds more authentic and the sound is very clear. "Beautiful Remains" and "Perfect Weapon" slaps, their just awesome. "The Mortician's Daughter" from "Re-Stitch" is a really good instrumental. Everything on both albums are just awesome!! That's all for today <3 so thanks for reading. xoxo