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Another weird dream I had

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xxThe Broken Heartxx's picture
on October 12, 2021 - 4:20pm

So I had another weird dream last night, but it was good. I was at school as usual, but then I found a time machine and somehow teleported to the year 2008 (more specifically, October 2008). It was a beautiful cloudy day outside with some wind and leaves blowing, I met some kids I had never seen before and they treated me very nicely. Then I remember being in geometry class where I saw my current geometry teacher, which is weird since he didn't start teaching at my school until August 2019 and he somehow knew who I was (defying the laws of physics), but oh well. I remember feeling calm and euphoric before I realized the people from my timeline might notice I was missing, so I went back to the year 2021 for a little while, pretending nothing weird was going on, before going back to 2008. I remember how I was about to walk home after the bell rang with my new friends but then, I woke up for school in real life as my alarm went off. So I had an awesome dream that defied the laws of physics and also made me feel that my wish had finally come true. Maybe my brain is trying to tell me something, I don't know.