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aahhh!!!! this externship!!!!

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tothestratosphere's picture
on February 26, 2016 - 8:03pm

Hi everyone, anyone out there. Well, like i last blogged last week, i was going to have an update to how my externship is going. Well, here it goes. The week did go by fast. My first day there i was nervous of course, but i wanted to make the best of it so i decided to just think positively. Well, my externship is at a clinic. It consists of drawing blood, phlebotomy. Thing is, is that i am not really getting the practice, experience i thought i would. Why? well, because even though i am at a outpatient clinic, which by the way is right across a hospital i do not have any patients to stick. So most of my time i literally do nothing. I have only had fingersticks and like four real arm sticks. For instance today, i literally only had one patient. (My hours are from eight to five, with an hour break. So today was another day of just sitting there reading my book.) My supervisor at the site is a patient care technnician who today pulled me aside at the end of the day and told me that she does not see like any motivation in me, like initiative. She said that i should take the initiative to just get up and do something, to like be more of a team player and ask if i can help with anything. For instance, to clean the patients room once they are gone. To be honest i was a little offended. She told me she was telling me this for my own good. Like i sort of see what she is saying, but then again i also think that i should'nt have to do that because i am there for phlebotomy, not to shadow a pct. I would like your opinion. What also bothered me was that she told the other pct's about our conversation. I think that it is unprofessional of her to do that. Well i have two more weeks to go. Hell i think ill try to make the best of them. Like i said in my last blog, i am not sure if this is what i really want to do from now on, but i want to complete this course and not give up. Anyways so that was that. Hey one good thing that did happen was at the end of the day, when i was at my bus stop, I looked down and there was a five dollar bill. Free money!