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Harbinger For Hire's picture
on October 11, 2019 - 9:15pm

I try to do right,
But something always feels wrong.

Like an inner plight,
Mind and soul don't get along.

One is pulling right,
But the wrong is pulling strong.

Lie awake at night...
Fighting the urge of leaving,
To find a home for this heathen.

It's hard when even your demons have demons.

And my angels have addictions.
They're addicted to my lies.
Like, "I'm a good guy.",
And "I wouldn't hurt a fly."

But my demons know, my angels won't hold.
And the angels run and hide when they get inside.
The demons hit the lights, then it's dark and cold
I'd rather hit the road and take them both for a ride.
Somewhere on the way leave them both behind,
To show them that a man can resent AND love Life,
And still survive...

I'm ready to be leaving...

I wonder if I'll ever arrive...

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