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2 Month Anniversary

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msunevershouldeverknow's picture
on February 21, 2016 - 9:59pm

Well, TOMORROW (or in 20 more minutes, wow it's late!) is my 2 month anniversary on this site! I missed my one month. And well, others have been mentioning their anniversaries, so I just thought I'd share this.

Omgsh, it is ALSO on a 22nd! (We've been chatting about March 22, 2013...well, you know) my 3 months will be on that anniversary. Hmm

Well, anyway, what more can I say that's uplifting?...I'm sure there's something. I always have something to say don't I folks? but, for some reason, I'm at a loss of a topic right now...I guess the anniversary is kindof "big news" in an otherwise pretty dull life, not that I'm complaining.

Seriously, I don't know what to write! As soon as I post this though, I bet thoughts will come rushing to mind!

Well, in another 3 months will be my MCR renewal anniversary, my first full year! Funny, that's almost exactly on 22nd as well!!! I can't remember the exact date I first started listening to Bullets on YouTube and Black Parade on cd (I do have my BP receipt though...will have to double check this)...but I had an appointment on the 23rd (the anniversary of MCR's first tour show) and another one earlier that week soo the anniversary is somewhere before all of those. Gah! lol I'll never forget gabbing away about Vampires Will Never Hurt You video with my Mom, who was stuck with me that day. Ohh I just loved Gee's "Frank Sinatra swagger" and Frank's locks and Ray's "no-fro" and Matt was actually there...of course Mikey...haha one of the comments was like "damn Mikey, chill out! Everyone else is all still and you're rockin out like mad!" haha obviously, that was sarcasm, but I loved that I got that!

Oh wow, so I guess this turned into a post about that event and not tomorrow's anniversary. Well, I guess I can say thanks again to my lovely friend Z for introducing me to this site! If it weren't for her insistence and enthusiasm for it, I probably would still be on talk...or alone! or well I guess chatting on gmail.

I'd like to shout out to my friends, Z of course, LisaGW, Tianika11, Mariana, Xia Pinkish Madness, Charbarmanning, Dead on Arrival (DOA, sorry did I get that right?), uh my mini-me G, ;) (Grcemeise), and...well to all the rest of ya whom I've had the pleasure of sharing this site with! It's been really great seeing how much love there really is in this world and how much talent and supportive friendships and i mean, how intelligent folks are!!! I'm really proud of you all...and your strength! I can't say enough, but just know that each of you is special!

I can't think of anything clever with to finish this so I'll just steal Lisa's thing once again and wish you all...