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a.l.t.'s picture
on June 29, 2020 - 11:53am

i pull my hair you pull yours
i open my mouth you open yours
i watch your eyes you watch mine
i pick at my scabs you pick at yours
(every move you make i make you say i say the same things every moment you live i live)

it doesn’t show the undead so why are you here why can i see you in this broken fragmented frame
i’ll wish again and again
maybe i’ll get my (un)lucky years huh
i hope so so much

what would the first tip off be, what do you think
you’re (older) wiser smarter
would it be your disruptive presence disappearing
you’re the luckiest thing that’s happened to me, too bad it’s not so lucky to know you

i want to punch it and feel it break and splinter and stick in my hands and travel through my blood to my heart
pierce my heart - stab my heart
slit my heart - cut my heart
incise my heart - slice my heart

- a.l.t.