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10 years/kill all your friends hehe/ and even TOP Cancer cover commentary :P

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msunevershouldeverknow's picture
on October 24, 2016 - 10:47am

"it's been 10 bitter years since I've been seeing your face" LITERALLY just played by ! haha
Anyone else think it's eerie that this was re-released for the 10year anniversary. :P

Yea, kindof forgot (to listen) on the actual day, but i'm listening to MCRX right now. ;)

I suppose I should say SOMETHING about the past 10years. Neon Heart ;) reminded me that i DID actually live through this album, but sadly I was too stubborn to get it and listen through it. I think though, with everything going on in those days, it was actually a good thing that I didn't, that I didn't have the guilt of missing the concerts when I had the opportunity (I can't feel bad about not going when I didn't know REALLY know about them...actually...well, yeah let's just go with that! ;) nah, my friend was telling me...well actually, he told me they would NOT play Revenge songs, which I really preferred, but of course he was wrong! I should have listened to Mother!! She told me, "well, they just HAVE to play some of the old songs!" ugh! but anyways, I didn't get into the whole thing until years years and years later. Sadly I'll never get to see MCR, but I can have a better appreciation for them with all of the things I've gone through over the last ten years.

So, actually listening to the original "Kill all your Friends" right now and...well, is it me, or is this version a BIT more uplifting?? I think the demo keeps true to the original intent of the song...but I kindof needed all the uplifting stuff. I'm proud of the end result...same with "The World is Ugly". I know I'm in the minority here, but still.

haha! TOP's Cancer came on! Should I ACTUALLY listen through it this time??!! lol (I've STILL never heard an ENTIRE TOP song. hahahaa but this one did catch my...ear the other day.) Ooo! "lips are chapped and faded, faded" haha I REALLY like when the integrity of a song is kept, but something new is done with it. I'm REALLLY impressed! Well, idk if there's much more to say about it, but it's good! I'd....I'd "ship" it?? lmao ok, somebody tell me if I'm using "ship" correctly! lol (oldie here ;) )

Wow! just Wow! Amazing cover! :D

Ok, Killjoys, the Rmy...good tidings to you and and...well just always keep the MCR spirit alive!

peace and love
Missy ;)