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Friday June 14, 2019
Posted by: BlueRoses

We're stranded in Merced and the dull ache in my chest hurts like theres a crack their, splitting a little deeper. I'm beginning to wonder what will come seeping out when I break.

C is sitting two seats down, he feels too far away.

Friday June 14, 2019
Posted by: ifhighgate

I honestly think that if they got together some time soon that their music will be better than all of their past albums and that it wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing for them personally if they did.

Reasons why I think this:

1. All of them are in a better place now emotionally/mentally
2. All of

Thursday June 13, 2019
Posted by: zzombieyum

i love emo that has that dark, raw, dirty, ugly sound. i like emo from 2001-2003 exclusively. maybe a little 2004.
here's a spotifly playlist i made of that type of music:
it inclues underøath, the used mcr (ibymbybmyl), a

Wednesday June 12, 2019
Posted by: zzombieyum

just finished reading "married in my mind" by FERARD HOTLINE on my chamical romance fanfication . com

i liked it a lot but it's incomplete ahhhh :( i would still recommend it though because it's kind of left on a cliff

Wednesday June 12, 2019
Posted by: emo_slut

Okay so I litterly read all the artikels about Joe Jonas and MCR's return and I think there is a chance they are coming back because
2) It's 2019 year off the killjoys
3) what Joe Jonas said
4) It Isn't to long till the 23 of july meaning I Brought You My Bullets, You

Wednesday June 12, 2019
Posted by: zzombieyum

hey guys,

im sitting in my computer science class. hasn't started yet. i got into bridgewater state university the other day. :D im excited but also nervous because i wasn't sure i'd get in, which means i wasn't totally prepared for the news.

Monday June 10, 2019
Posted by: ifhighgate

Just found this after reading the blog posted before mine: (<-6:13-6:29)

What do you guys think? I'm really trying hard (and failing) to not get too pumped just yet...

Monday June 10, 2019
Posted by: Destroya87

Ok, so I'm back from the grave to tell you guys something i just read and honestly can't believe. Apparently Joe Jonas from the Jonas Brothers spilled the T and said that MCR was rehearsing next to them at NYC.
I dont know what to believe honestly, so if it's true I'm happy af, but I mean, there

Sunday June 09, 2019
Posted by: Toxic Flame

So according to my mother, I used to listen to MCR a lot when I was a baby. I mean, I was born in 2002 which is also the year they became a band. I really like that I sort of came back to what I originally listened to. I found my way home, I guess. Ugh, that sounds so cringey. Sorry.

Sunday June 09, 2019
Posted by: sleepyheadsyra

I've been having rough things this past few days.
But when I turned on my playlist and put my earphones on, It played the MCR's song "Famous last words" it gave me hope.