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Micah_Cyanide-Heart's picture
Thursday August 06, 2020
Posted by: Micah_Cyanide-Heart

So im sure everyone (or at least some) have seen the meme where its like
"a troop of monkeys has escaped their enclosure by using a tree to vault themselves out (and afterwards were lured back by peanuts).

Monkey brain: We can pull this tree back to escape without getting hurt by the dangerous

emo_emmalee's picture
Thursday August 06, 2020
Posted by: emo_emmalee

hey fam. how was your day?
mine was really good!! i went to the beach since technically it's my last week of summer (even though the past 5 months have felt like summer). i start school, online obviously, on monday :( anyways, i had a lot of fun.

genderless rat's picture
Thursday August 06, 2020
Posted by: genderless rat

i bet you lot didn't miss meee
I just got back from Camden (London) and I swearrr, London is deserted!
I went to Camden market, which without all the people felt rly small. But yeah I got vol. 2 of tank girl (finally) and a shit ton of band shirts and patches for my jacket.
im a happy rat

- J"

finch-the-bird-boy's picture
Thursday August 06, 2020
Posted by: finch-the-bird-boy

Hi, I'm new here, wanted to introduce myself, My name is Finch, its nice to meet you all

_.the_emo_weeb._'s picture
Thursday August 06, 2020
Posted by: _.the_emo_weeb._

haha im posting on here again,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, hhhh school starts up soon,,,, the 20th,, im not ready tbh anyways me and my frens are gonna do a bunch of cosplay outings which will be super cool :)

opal_rose's picture
Thursday August 06, 2020
Posted by: opal_rose

sry if this is a bit rant-like.
idk why, but some songs just seem so... soundtrack-y, if that makes any sense. like you just want to blast them as you drive down the highway towards the setting sun, like you’re the protagonist in a movie on something.
i was listening to “i lied” by electric century

old.dllipop's picture
Thursday August 06, 2020
Posted by: old.dllipop

lmao i'm fr just ready to start over fresh

stakethevampires's picture
Thursday August 06, 2020
Posted by: stakethevampires

bruhhhhh counting down the days until halloweeeeen so i can be a nerd
i wanted to make my own costume this year and so far it's epic
i already know imma be edward scissorhands next year ha that movie makes me feel so many feelings i'm in love
but at this point the only cure for my star wars

a.l.t.'s picture
Thursday August 06, 2020
Posted by: a.l.t.

im so tired
the sheep in the field are eating the grass that grew over my narcoleptic corpse
what’s it like living without pain? everyday a knife i can’t see guts me and a hand squeezes my heart
my existence is an ache, so obviously if i unexist then i won't ache anymore
this is the logic of a

pansexual_nutella's picture
Wednesday August 05, 2020
Posted by: pansexual_nutella

guys im gonna preorder the party poison pop doll figure thing tonight and I'm so excited. they will look so cute next to my revenge gee one :)