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Broken_Star's picture
Monday October 14, 2019
Posted by: Broken_Star

I almost spend my days watching video of my chemical Romance

What wrong whit me ?

Anyway !


Andy_Way_Exists's picture
Sunday October 13, 2019
Posted by: Andy_Way_Exists

I finished seedeater. He looks amazing. My mask is almost done too. I painted it, i just need to put black cloth behind the eyes so that its looks "eyeless". If you didn't know, im going to be eyeless jack. Its pretty good so far.

Andy_Way_Exists's picture
Saturday October 12, 2019
Posted by: Andy_Way_Exists

The demons came back, after being nice, and got pissed when i said no again. they had been told that the kindness tactic would win me over either at once or it would just pull me to them the next time. It didnt work, so they got forceful. Yelling at me and pushing me. Almost got me, to be honest.

Harbinger For Hire's picture
Friday October 11, 2019
Posted by: Harbinger For Hire

I try to do right,
But something always feels wrong.

Like an inner plight,
Mind and soul don't get along.

One is pulling right,
But the wrong is pulling strong.

Lie awake at night...
Fighting the urge of leaving,
To find a home for this heathen.

It's hard when even your demons have demons.

And my

Broken_Star's picture
Friday October 11, 2019
Posted by: Broken_Star

After six year Simple Plan relase a new song

The title is : where I belong

This song came is the best time I des in the bad mood and then when I heardod the song, I juste feel in love.

Andy_Way_Exists's picture
Thursday October 10, 2019
Posted by: Andy_Way_Exists

The demons.
They came to me today.
The third time this month.
I asked them why they were here.
I asked them, and they laughed.
The laughed until they were on the floor.
Then, the darkest one I have heard been called Jett, looked at me.
He smiles, almost friendly.
He’s always been a sort of friend

Andy_Way_Exists's picture
Thursday October 10, 2019
Posted by: Andy_Way_Exists

Im hungry, and im going out to eat with family thats visiting, but i dont want to eat. I can feel my body yearning for the thing i haven't given it much of since last week. I didn't have breakfast for a week, which started it. Then, i stopped eating much more than a couple fries at lunch.

Broken_Star's picture
Thursday October 10, 2019
Posted by: Broken_Star

I just hate the world

Because it is seems like everyone is so hypocrite
I dont know it is just me...


Andy_Way_Exists's picture
Wednesday October 09, 2019
Posted by: Andy_Way_Exists

It creeps onto your lips.
It crawls across your face.
you know it's wrong.
They'll never accept you now
It's not like they ever did.
You don't care though.
Whats done is done.
You couldn't undo it
even if you wanted to.
But you dont want to anyways.

He can't hurt you now.
Or ever.
He's gone.

zzombieyum's picture
Wednesday October 09, 2019
Posted by: zzombieyum

it's 4:36am
talked to my therapist on the phone.
he basically said if i dont text him by noon tomorrow that im ok hes going to have someone find me to make sure
thanks but w o w
i drank as much as i could before T asked me to stop.
i kind of wanted it all to end.