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a.l.t.'s picture
Tuesday July 14, 2020
Posted by: a.l.t.

{the revulsive, repugnant revelry of self-loathing rages on}

i’m sicker than the day i almost died
maybe it would have been better if i took more and more and more and gorged myself on pills (kill me pills)
that’s all i wanna do drain the bottle take the things they claim help
the pills

BlueBurnsBlack's picture
Tuesday July 14, 2020
Posted by: BlueBurnsBlack

No clue what that title means, but uhhhh yeah a little update for y’all.

My sister and my dad are both sick, my dad tested negative for Rona.

My sister got tested, but no results yet. I’m perfectly healthy. No Fever, No Symptoms, nothing.

Anyways my mom tore her Rotator Cuff in her shoulder.

Tuesday July 14, 2020

So MCRFanfiction seems to be down. So I've been posting in AO3 instead.
Trigger Warning for heavy topics. I started writing these when i was a teen in a much darker place.
I created the Anti-Frerard genre.

ArsenicFatality-Onyx-'s picture
Monday July 13, 2020
Posted by: ArsenicFatality...

So i know its late but I couldnt post earlier so. I got a haircut today. Its short and goes to my jawline and is kinda curly and ahhhhhhh tge amount of co fidence ive gained from that and my new glasses is so WONDERFUL ah!

Thrill.Killer_'s picture
Monday July 13, 2020
Posted by: Thrill.Killer_

Live in 3,2,1
Good afternoon this is Shark reporting
Its been about two days of the trip
We are in South Dakota
Going to see that big rock with dead white presidents faces on it tomorrow
Blasting twenty one pilots and MCR and annoying my parents :)
We just switched to mountain time
My reception is

Jet Star101's picture
Monday July 13, 2020
Posted by: Jet Star101

Okay Hi guys Im back and uH I really want this Popeye the sailor man T shirt and this yellow tie dye shirt with Squidwards painting. And I cant get two black shoes so im thinking of getting yellow Converse.

Jet Star101's picture
Monday July 13, 2020
Posted by: Jet Star101

Ngl im kinda down to do this what if one us made a zoom call and we can all just talk to each other nad idk talk about random stuff and like sing mcr songs. Im really awkward btw.

sophisakilljoy's picture
Monday July 13, 2020
Posted by: sophisakilljoy

I might be getting The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys (the full series) on amazon today. I’ve wanted it since I found out Gee wrote comics. I rlly want to read it and Doom Patrol and The Umbrella Academy.

a.l.t.'s picture
Monday July 13, 2020
Posted by: a.l.t.

my belly aches my brain is slamming against my skull my heart stings
am i (love) sick?
my bellyaches my headaches my heartaches
my stomach stings my brain’s bouta burst my heart might rupture
halloween creeps around the corner a day to gorge on (gore) sweets and sugar
sugar and stomach aches.

driver's picture
Sunday July 12, 2020
Posted by: driver

heyyo friends, it seems i have lost my mind in a game of hide and seek.

but no need for pitty cause that point of view clues out the south - the last way i want to see
so all come along an an emotional tour of what my nature may be