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Tuesday July 16, 2019
Posted by: Harbinger For Hire

My night vision has improved since the last time we met. I guess you could say I'm...back...

× Have a dastardly day ×


Monday July 15, 2019
Posted by: zzombieyum

happy brithday ray! i hope you have a wonderful day <3

Monday July 15, 2019
Posted by: uNbulletproofheart

ok please don't come at me im just babbling but i feel like everyone is so focused on Gerard and sometimes Frank like they both are amazing and deserve the love and support they get but especially Ray had some dope guitar solos and background vocals and no one talks abt him
and Ray has released an

Sunday July 14, 2019
Posted by: BlueBurnsBlack

Well they did ask for the dr note. Which I don’t have one so I lied and said I left it at home....

So I have to go back to work tomorrow, knowing they’re probably going to ask for it again. So now I’m worried my time is over at work.

I’m honestly scared that they’re going to get rid of me.

Saturday July 13, 2019
Posted by: gwhiz183

I swear, I am human. I was born a human, and I still am human. I don't think I can ever change that. The recaptchas with pictures freak me out, you have no idea. My eyesight is complete shit, so I can't see the pictures clearly. When the thing asks me to pick all the cars, I panic.

Friday July 12, 2019
Posted by: zzombieyum

im reading gone with the wind right now. it was made into a 4 hour movie and the book is 960 pages. it was writen sometime around 1936??? its about a scarlett o'hara's life in the civil war and how it changes her. this will be an adventure!

scarlett o'hara is such a bitch.

Friday July 12, 2019
Posted by: BlueBurnsBlack

Well I have to go back to work today, and honestly I’m scared, I’ve been there almost a year and a half as of 9/11.

But I’ve missed a lot of days the first year. And I’m starting to miss a bunch now; because of my anxiety and other stuff.

I’m worried they’re going to fire me, and my mom has already

Thursday July 11, 2019
Posted by: Jackjac k

It wasn't my birthday, but I had to attend.
I thought that some cake would come to me after my ordinary diet. So, I was wrong. They were just financial discussions and fat being consumed by the attendees.

Thursday July 11, 2019
Posted by: zzombieyum

tiny planets - remember sports
tick - ween
raspberry vines - petite league
crystal night - black lips
be nice to me - the front bottoms
lisa - dont stop or we'll die
i tweaked when i saw your face - netherfriends, soul food horns
earthquake - the used
pretty handsome awkward - the used
the taste of

Thursday July 11, 2019
Posted by: zzombieyum

man i have been so bored today

made phone calls to a bunch of different departments at school.trying to make sure everything is sorted out.

im working on the writing placement exam. i can do it at home. i just have to write an essay based on an article and i'll be placed in ENL101 or ENL102.