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coffee rambles

still stressed about school... i need to calm down and not let this control me :( ive finished but it's not perfect. it's due by midnight tonight. deep breaths, Z, calm down.... what do you guys do to destress? i'm thinking of reading some fanfiction. Or i could work on my lists of fics to read. I have a google doc of fics i found and it's just over 1,000 fics on that list! it's all bandom.

it's going to be 90° today! i'm wearing my little blue velvet dress to stay cool. i'm such a velvet whore. i fucking love velvet.

im working really hard to stay healthy with eating!

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homework, stress, and tattoos

im trying to do my school assignment. its due on saturday but im really stressing and struggling. my research topic i chose is "Why does cultural stigma around mental illness lead to unequal access to care?" i need to get 5 scholarly articles and put them in MLA format . then i need to write about those sources. stuff like how do i include this argument in my paper. how does it address my paper? it doesnt sound hard but ive been pretty unproductive today and its really making me anxious.

im also stressed because i get too clingy with my boyfriend.

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good morning

its nearly 10:00 AM. just got up. i'm in a pretty good mood! listening to midwestern emo and drinking my coffee. treatment is still on the table but i have a good feeling about today.

wish me luck, friends.

my boyfriend says i turn into a mcr fangirl when i'm high. but it's like, im always a fangirl but sometimes i can hold it in better haha!

i also ran into my highschool crush at barnes and nobles a couple days ago. she came up to me because she saw my mcr face mask.

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i have so much school work to do and i am so stressed but i can't process anything that im reading and taking notes on. my boyfriend just went home, he went to the protest with us and then slept over. why can't i focus??? i have so much work to do and i hardly did any yesterday.


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i'm going to a protest

tonight. 5:00. franklin park. there's a protest. and fuck yeah, i'll be there.

im excited to get my voice heard in a sea of voices. i'll leave if it starts feeling uncomfortable or like violence is coming. i'm going with my boyfriend and my parents. i'm so lucky that i know so many people who care about these matters and are willing to go to protests because they care that much

i'm scared, of corse. these protests have gotten violent and i am scared of being arrested or hurt or tear gassed. but im also excited to be part of history. 2020 is such a shitty year.

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My family just got in a huge fight about weather we need riots

My brother said never never ever. Not Stonewall, not the Boston tea party, no riots period.

And the rest of us were like wtf. Black people are practically being massacred, they need to be heard.

If this is what it takes to get change, this is what it takes. And honestly America has such a police problem, I don't think this will even really change much

But I want to see change. If I could, I'd like to be at a riot. I'd be scared shitless. But I want to help. I want to play my part in fixing America any way I can.

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lil update and lil rant


i've been mostly doing pretty well in the time since my last post. been busy with school work but trying really really hard to do well with school. it's hard! i got a B- on a quiz today and i'm pretty disappointed about that, especially since i did great on the practice tests, homework and exercises. the quiz was way harder! and it was only 11 questions so when i got 2 questions wrong it really impacted my score :(

eating has been good, but i still feel pretty guilty about my diet and what im eating. but i'm trying really hard to stay strong and not let my fear of food consume me.

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wtf are these spam posts???

'snapfuck'??? who thought this would be the population who would be intrested in 'snapfuck' spam??? like seriously.


in other news, i just got up a little while ago. i'm listening to tcfsr and drinking tea. not a bad start to the day :) once i'm all woken up, i'm going to start working on schoolwork. i need to take quiz 3 today or tomorrow. the quiz doesn't close until Monday but then quiz 4 doesn't close until thursday... actually i might be good with taking quiz 3 tomorrow lol

i'm worried that summer school will loose it's novelty and i'll just stop doing the

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can't focus

today i just can't get into school work. i just have to review for a quiz that i don't even need to complete until Saturday. but i need to be on top of it because i have another quiz on Monday! i had such a productive day yesterday so i'm kind of annoyed that i can't focus today... i guess it was a good thing i did most of my immediate work yesterday.

it's not like i have anything better to do, anyways. i ran some errands this morning, even though it's only 10:00 here. it's been very hot. it's going to get up to 90°F today!


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i guess i'll never forget

so when i was 14 (i'm 21 now) i learned 'therapy' by all time low on guitar. i played it constantly. it was my favorite song. now, fast forward nearly 8 years. i'm sitting here noodling around on my guitar and i'm like huh do i know any old songs? and hell yeah, i guess i do! i know the intro/verse riff, the chords, and most of the words to 'therapy'! i have etched them into my brain and i don't even like all time low anymore!

haha thought that was funny.

in other news, school started today and i was very productive.