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good morning!

i did my makeup really nice today. my aunt gave me all her lipstick, and she has nice stuff like buxom and mac and tarte. but she gave me so much it's kinda overwhelming??? like i'm at 100+ fucking lipsticks i think i'm set for life haha! but i wear makeup most days so i think it's okay.

i love the used.

nothing today but meeting with someone from the writing center to work on my paper. so stressed about it... for me its basicallly a pass or fail assignment since i have been sstruggling in the class and barely making it by...hope you guys have a wonderful day <3


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a little help here???

SO I have a list of fics i want to read that has over 1,000 fics. i want to make a master rec list, but can't find a good place to put it or a platform to use.... i tried tumblr and i tried blogger... i think blogger was the best so far... but idk. any ideas of where i should post my awesome list of infinite fics?

thanks guys :)

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i failed my assignment that was 15% of my grade just cuz i didn't read the assignment properly... feeling like a failure </3 now my total grade is down to a C. i'll be lucky to finish the semester with a C+. i'm doing the final project now, due 8/8. wish me luck.


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happy international my chemical romance day, everyone! 18 years ago today, bullets was released. how CRAZY is that????

today is a day of joyous celebration. how will you guys celebrate? i have always baked cakes for imcrd and the guy's birthdays. i'm thinking of making art with an mcr theme and listening to all their music! maybe i'll make a couple patches. i need to make mcr themed clothes cuz i had so much merch but i got rid of it when they broke up so i am sad now.


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maybe im just hungry

i am so irritable today and i dont know why. maybe because i am so bored today . i only had one dr appointment scheduled but that was at 9;30 am.

i have been very good about getting over tim and not being sad or crying. i think i am better. but right now i am very sad and i miss him and i'm not in a good space to begin with.

theres not much i can do to distract myself either. i could play more sims but ive been doing that all day and it's actually kinda a boring game after a few hours.

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i applied for a job

it's 7:45 am but i've ben up since 6:30! idk why. but i got my coffee and my "cozy nights" scented candle. maybe i could get an early start to school work! sounds lame but i really do need to get onto it.

i applied to a job yesterday that i think would be a good fit. its for a peer specialist position at advocates (a mental health agency) . basically, i'd be on-call. if an advocates client is struggling they would call my number and i would just talk to them about what they are going through as well as my own experience with mental illness and even being in treatment myself .

i really hope i

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living in the gay dorm!

it's 8:30 am on a sunday and i'm already awake and had my coffee. thinking i'll start this week's assignment today, get a head start. i'm really anxious about school grades, even though i tend to do well in school.

i'm very excited to go back to school, even though my classes will be over zoom. except for my bio 100 lab, that will be in person.

my school has something called the Lavender LLC (living learning community). lavender is the lgbtq one! so i'll be living in the 4th floor that houses the LGBTQ LLC. i'll be surrounded by fellow queers!

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I hate being a poor adult.

Ugh. I hate having a car. I drove to pick up my brother from his apartment. He was just getting into the car when steam or smoke or something came pouring out of the hood! We got out right away and I say greenish blue fluids all over the ground. It's also 90°F so I think it overheated and busted my radiator... I can't afford a new car. I don't think I can even afford to fix my car if it's over like $700. And knowing how expensive cars are, I'm sure it will be .....

I texted my tattoo artist.

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happy birthday beautiful ray!

happy 43rd ray!

im watching the reunion show again. i still cant belive theyre back and it's been 10 months or something now???? i dont think ill ever belive theyre back. even after i see them live next year, i dont think it will feel real

holy fuck this band has been my life for so long i dont think i'll ever stop haha


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help me with my homework

heyo guys! I'm still working on my argumentative paper about "Is Fanfiction Harmful to Youth?" if you guys could tell me both an argument and counter argument of why you think that fanfiction is or isn't ok for youths to read, I'd really appreciate it! I'd like to hear what age you began reading fanfiction, if your parents approve or disapprove fanfiction (and why) and at what age should youth begin with reading sexual or dark fanfiction. Are their any types of fanfiction that you find unacceptable for anyone to read? such as waycest or something like that? please let me know!

thanks guys <3