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long ass paper

sorry ive been offline for so long but i got a 6 page paper due next week that i only have the outline for but to be fair the outline is 3 pages long so if i just elaborate a ton i should be fine! btw this is my paper assignment: It is the opportunity for you to provide an initial assessment of your own
experiences, ideas and assessment of your cultural background and early learning (and biases) its for my social work 270 class and ive been enjoying it but ughhhhh its due on my mother fucking birthday.


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fucking school...

listening to hesitant alien and drinking coffee. i havent listened to this album in years but it really is good

its 8:15 am i thought my first class was 9:15 but its not until 9:30. and i get so anxious about being late that i got up hella early. and its not even like i need to walk to class or anything. still nervous i will forget about it and not show up.

pretty nervous about this year,.,.... i never cared about grades until i got to college. now i am obsessed. and since im in a competitive major i need to have a specific GPA.

im just so stressed and i havent even had my first class yet!

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(no) school

my class schedule is soo confusing! its the 1st day of class but i dont have any classes until monday so i am just in my pajamas drinking coffee but then i'll finish the fic i was really enjoying until i was crying too much to enjoy it anymore lol

i am an emotional rollercoaster. i cried all last night over the guy i broke up with three months ago. pathetic. and i get anxious and i sleep a lot and other times i am fine like wtf i am so overwhelmed!

its hard to socialize here too. at least jake is here. we were friends last year too and he is a really great friend and he helps a ton.

i dont

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school is going well so far

im going out for bagels with Jake in 20 minuets. i'm glad i have a friend from last year. most of my friends aren't returning this year... :( but i'm hoping to be able to meet new friends, even with COVID.

classes start the day after tomorrow i can't wait! i only have bio tomorrow at 11:15 and it's not a lab just a lecture we'll probably just go over the syllabus and shit.


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no covid

omg guys

it turns out i dont have covid (woohoo). i guess i was just having a chronic anxiety. lol.

such a relief though seriously.


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when you start reading a fic and suddenly it turns int waycest....


seriously, i know the fanfic community can write some messed up shit and i have been a beta for fics that are fucked up and some of them are waycest. and i know that there should be no shame for having whatever kinks you like. but incest is not cool, okay? not fucking cool.


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rip gravy

today was a very good day but tonight was difficult.

i was crying a lot because i missed Tim even though it's been like three months since i broke up with him. i think being at school and so close to where we had our first kiss and all that is a lot right now. but i don't want to talk about that right now.

i want to mourn Gravy.

Gravy was a fine gerbil. he loved his yogurt nibbles and would let me pat his head. he was very dear friends with our other gerbil, Spaceman. they would roughhouse and play together. they would groom each other and cuddle. they were very close friends.

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mom jeans, school, mental illness sucking.

been listening to the album "best buds" by mom jeans all summer. it's such a good album, my favorite songs are edward 40hands, movember, vape nation and poor boxer shorts is a good song too. it reminds me a lot of the time i spent with my ex boyfriend. it's been a few months and i still feel regret for breaking up with him. it's a pretty chill album. it makes me feel relaxed for some reason.

moving into the dorm the day after tomorrow. i'm not excited to physically move all my shit in, but i'm excited to be at school again even though it won't be the same.

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on my brother's birthday/disabilities

good morning :) it's nearly 9:00 and i am at my friends house. i just ran out to get doughnuts and coffee, but she is still asleep.

today my other friend is coming up from Connecticut. i'm so excited to see her! i'm also going to my brother's birthday party. he has really bad depression so i'm a little worried he won't have a good time. but he's doing these TMS treatments and his friend will be there so i hope he enjoys himself! i got him a shrek bathmat. last year i made him a photo album of memes. i'm a very good sister.

i'm really close to my brother.

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ramble ramble ramble

man, i haven't logged on in quite a while. i've been spending evenings with my friend cuz her parents are out of town this week.

moving into my dorm in 6 days. i am so excited!

i have been dressing like i did back in high school. fishnets, boots, black jeans, tight tanks and band tees. i actually feel more comfortable like this. i guess it's who i am. kinda emo-ish. once you get the emo bug, you can never go back i guess. i often don't like that i'm still kinda emo at 21. but it will always be part of me so what can ya do...

my brother's birthday is on Wednesday.