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comments down??

ughhh comments broken??? this stuff happens a lot, the site breaks and has issues. WB staff, please fix this.... also wtf is up with the drug adds????

this site is my home. i know i dont post here like i used to, but this site is so so special to me. it always will be <3


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fic rec: He Wont' Let Me Play The Violin! - "He Wont' Let Me Play The Violin!" by sylladex.
Summary: There's really not much to do on a tourbus, so when video games come around... it causes quite a ruckus.

so frank and gee play sims and i read this one quite a while ago but i recall it being really good! very cute and fun to read.


I'm seeing my dietitian in three minutes and i think it will go alright. two of my guppies are gone. so i guess they died and the other fishies ate them. rip.


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another fic rec ("no experience necessary") - Summary: Gerard accidentally lands a job at a pizza store and even though the pay is shit, the guys he works with are pretty cool. Soon he’s made all the friends he missed out on in high school and he actually has something to do on a Friday night. Everything's great until he realizes he’s got a hard-on for his cute punk workmate Frank, who is, in all likelihood, straight.

ok but this is one of my favorite fics please please read it it is so good!

also my thumb has a really bad infection from my skateboarding accident and fuck it really

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Anyone have ideas for coping with anxiety? I know a shit load of coping skills but I'd love to hear what you guys say :)

I'm scared I'm loosing all my friends. I know it's all in my head and not true. But I still feel nervous.

I wish the spam would go away. I love it here. Anyways, let me know if you all have ideas <3


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some fics I liked

going from my fic list, there are ones I've enjoyed and ones that were simply mediocre. Here are a few that I liked! - "bubbleyum" by me!!!! cute and fluffy. Bert helps Gerard out of a sweet and sticky situation. - "a ballad for beulah" by ThisIsGreenDay. yeah its a green day fic, but it was my FAVORITE when I was 14. basically, billie joe/OC pairing. billie joe knows OC from childhood. He's way older than her, she crushed on him.

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sooo i have a google doc of 2,164 fanfiction URL's as of right now. I'm pretty much always adding to it. I'm thinking of posting some reviews of the fics i read, if you guys would like? I know fic is kinda controversial right now, but it's such a major part of fandom in my mind. I've been reading all sorts of fanfiction since I was 11.

I'm going to add to the list a bunch now, but I'll also post some of the fics with reviews because I add notes on the google doc. Hopefully you'll some good ones through me :)


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MCR good friday

It's march 22nd! I just realized that this is like good friday for the MCRmy. Please take note i am an atheist so I might get some of this wrong. 8 years ago, my chem died in honor of our sins. BUT then halloween 2019, they rose from the dead! like easter. so, you see, it's the mcr good friday, that is my theory.

In other news, today spring break is officially over and class resumes. I have drawing I in an hour. Until then, I'm just listening to MCR in my MCR tee shirt like the coolest fuckin dork you'll ever meet!

my face still hurts a bunch from yesterday. I took a shower to clean it a bit.

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skate or die, i guess

I was just longboarding down this great hill. but then I hit this big bump! I totally faceplanted! My chin is all fucked up. My lip ring fell out. my shoulder and my knee are both scraped up. But that adrenaline high was WILD. And don't worry, I put a new lip ring in as soon as I got home. I already have a fat lip but skate or die, FIDLAR, however you want to say it, I feel like a true skater boi now.


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its so sad whats happened to this site.... it's always been my home here. in four days, i will have been on this website for 8 years! I know my account doesn’t say that, but my first profile was deleted somehow.

Quite a bit has happened since i was on here last. I DID go to Residential treatment after waiting over a month for a bed! I'm healthy now, even though it's hard and makes me sad, but I know it's for the best.

I have also changed my major from social work to studio art! I love my new classes and am so excited to see what the art world has to offer for me and what I can do for it.


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hey scum bags <3

im sorry i havent been online in forever!!! life has been a rollarcoaster. im on the call with my friend rn and he wants to see my page. how are you all????? i feel bad that i havent been online much and sweet phantom left me a message and i wasn't online to respond......

anyways i just baked pretty halloween cookies and its nearly 12:00am.

im researching paganism a lot and pretty into it. i think that having some aspect of religion would be helpful and it makes me feel pretty peaceful. idk just being outdoors and studying all of it.

on video chat with firesite.