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i love my job

I have work today but i actually really like my job! i'm working 2:00pm - 12:30am or so. long shifts. My job is selling band merchandise at big concerts at a LiveNation venue in Boston. It's cool to be around live music and see how excited everyone is to see their favorite bands play :) it's a lot of physical labor; moving boxes, counting tee shirts, setting up the trailer/booth so that it's easy to grab teeshirts by size really fast. I also really like using the iPads to actually do the transaction. the interface is really easy to use! and everyone really is so excited to be there :)


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happy mcr day!

19 years ago bullets was realsed! 19 years.... wild. and amazing that chem is still relivent after all this time!

love you all. love the mcrmy. so happy to be a part of it <3


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chromatic sunshine

i changed my killjoy persona. i was cosmic constellation when i was 13 and have been since then. but something feels like its changed and now im not really cosmic anymore. i'm chromatic sunshine. i think my colors are pink orange and yellow. bright. i want to make a killer costume for the concert even if it is more than a year away. any ideas? i have my symbol designed. it's like a crystal ball with sun-rays around it!! i might get extensions or dye some highlights in with my colors for it. but my hair is 3C curls.

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not going as well any more...

i have an appointment in 7 minuets but i just wanna post to keep the site alive rn.

things aren't going too well anymore. i haven't even looked at my meal plan in weeks. i've been depressed... i'm concerned fo myself. i'm doing an online class and registered as a commuter student for the fall. I really don't want to miss out on any of life any more!

I have a lavender essential oil diffuser in my room and it smells so good!

been working really hard on school work. i'm so anxious about missing grades or not doing well enough so i get really anxious!

i start work soon.

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things are going pretty well

the spam here is killin' me. i bet no one will even see this blog because it's so clogged up! WB team and MCR, PLEASE fix it and clean up the site!

In other news, I still talk to killjoysneverdie almost every day. he doesn't come on here anymore. But we met on this website and have been friends for nearly 8 years!

I'm getting my left nipple pierced on Saturday. I got a job selling band merch at concerts in Boston. Interviewing for a job at OUTmetrowest, an LGBTQ youth organization. It would be a really good job for me!

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have a goood day <3

gooood morning killjoys ;)

not too much going on today. the usual groups and meals and whatnot. hoping to do better today than i did yesterday, that's all you can ask, right?

anyways, i hope all of you have a wonderful day and reach all of your goals and yeah just have a killer day :)


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getting by

heya ;)

i started listening to MCR more heavily than i have in a long time. i've really needed the comfort and grounding that they give me. and i forgot how fucking good they are. they have also inspired me to draw vampire mouths and read more fic lol.

it was cool to see missy on here! and sweetphantom, thanks for messaging me still :) and even though he's not on here anymore really, i talk to killjoysneverdie most days. he sent me a package all the way from Scotland, and i've been wearing the necklace he sent me every day since i got to residential on sunday.

i'm sad chem pushed the tour

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Happy happy birthday gee!

Happy birthday gerard! I hope you have a wonderful day


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Spam be gone

Hurrah hurrah, I see no spam!


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im so irritable and class is in 45 minutes and i have homework due tomorrow that i havent even started. i think i'm just tiered. i went to bed at midnight and woke up at 7:15. i usually go to bed around 10:00. class will probably be difficult since im so irritable, we are working on shading with microns today.