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im back!

im out of the hospital, take #11!
tomorrow is my 21st birthday . woohoo!
back at school . only have six assignments to do as of now . professors will talk to me about missed work in class..
hope you guys are doing wonderfully

i wrote an essay about MCR and this site for my ENL101 class

My favorite thing has been consistent for a very long time. When I was 13 years old, I had a girlfriend whose name was Alysa. She was obsessed with the band My Chemical Romance. She passed the passion for My Chemical Romance onto me, and it hasn’t left me since.
My Chemical Romance has been with me through hardships and has created many friendships in my life. Their website has a community section where fans (who call themselves the “MCRmy”) post blogs about the band and life, and other users comment on the blogs.

im at school now and i already cried (over pizza)

hey guys!

i havent posted in a while since ive been getting ready to move into school. Here I am! theres no AC in my dorm and that sucks, but im on floor G which is basically the basement but there are windows that are pretty sizable so it isn't exactly a basement. but the upside is it's the coolest floor as heat rises! at night it can get into the 60's even though its pretty hot. its 76f here now.

my dorm room is nice. not as nice as the one at salem university, but ti's big enough for my roommate (who will be moving in tomorrow) and myself. Im all unpacked.

lots of stuff going on in z's world!

im sitting in bed. just read a P!ATD fic. was kinda ramble-y but it was ok. tomorrow i have my therapy and psychiatrist appointment as well as support group. Katie is coming down from CT too so we're hanging out. Harry and the Potters are playing in Boston on the 24th so that's exciting too!

i love you guys. i know the site has slowed down drastically. but im glad that the MCRmy is still here even if it isnt as active as it was, its still so present in my life <3

might meet up with Blood'y Revenge soon. he used to post on here a ton!

My trip ️ ️⛱️⛱️

I'm having so much fun in LA. We went to a huge bookstore, beautycon (a makeup convention), fea markets, the garment district, I got a tattoo of a cicada, and Venice Beach! Been having an awesome stay! Still 3 more days. Now I'm kind of wishing I had booked an earlier flight. I'm having a great time but 8 days feels like a very long vacation. Today I was thinking of getting my hair dyed. I'd been considering doing that for a while but I like the color I have now and I don't want to deal with upkeep but idk... I'm so on the fence! I'd want to do a soft/warm black.

mostly about my hair???

hey noodles,
im about to go to transfer advising at bridgewater state.
im leaving for LA tomorrow. going to visit my aunt who is visiting her dying ex husband. weird situation but im hoping it will be a good time!
i need to get gas for my car.
im very excited to go to LA, actually. my aunt has been making all these fun plans! i want to dye my hair while im out there but im not sure. i like my light brown hair but i love how i look with darker hair. im thinking a darker, warm brown . or black . maybe a soft black, not a blue black. although, i did enjoy blue black.

Blanket fort (ft. fairy lights)

this playlist isn't actually as hipster as it sounds. or maybe it is. i was going to build a blanket fort and this is what i was going to play while i was inside my blanket fort but then i got distracted.

Persephone - Sidney Gish
Presumably Dead Arm - Sidney Gish
Always Running Out Of Time - Motion City Soundtrack
Heat Wave - Snail Mail
Tiny Planets - Remember Sports
Lipstick Covered Magnet - The Front Bottoms
Be Nice To Me - The Front Bottoms
Plea From A Cat Named Virtue - The Weakerthans
Heel Turn 2 - The Front Bottoms
Jim Bogart - The Front Bottoms
No Breaks - Pigeon Pit
Never Trust A

international MCR Day!!!

happy imcrd everyone!

on this day in 2002, the bullets album was released.

im going to spend the day listening to MCR and maybe watching LOTMS and reading fic.

dont forget to listen to some forgotten songs that aren't even on the albums!

professional greifers (ft fighting robots)
astro zombies
black dragon fighting society
common people
every snowflake's different (just like you)

Beach ️

Fucking ay, more spam.,.

We are at the beach right now. Katie Savannah and myself. The ocean Beach. It took us forever to get to Martha's vineyard. Literally 5 hours! We got here around 5:30 and it's 7:00 now. I swam a bit. We stood on each other's shoulders in the water and played around. Then Katie and Savannah burrried my whole body in sand and shells. I fell asleep. Now they're swimming and I am sitting on the shore, eating goldfish and enjoying the sun. We're catching the bus at 7:30 or 7:45. Then we take the ferry. Then it's about a 2 hour drive home.

Road trip

I'm in the car with sav and Katie we're going to Martha's vineyard. It's over 100 degrees today! It's really humid too. But that's ok cause we'll be on the beach!