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Road trip

I'm in the car with sav and Katie we're going to Martha's vineyard. It's over 100 degrees today! It's really humid too. But that's ok cause we'll be on the beach!

september sadness

the heat feels like summer

but the sun coming through my window looks like september.

it makes me so sad and i dont know why

i love september. i know, my birthday is septemebr 14th. but it also reminds me of getting on that school bus the first morning. i was always so excited to get to school for the most exciting day of the school year. it tasted fresh. id choose a fun outfit. i'd pack my bag the night before. i waited in the gentle heat at the bust stop. bus 16 in elementary school. then 5 in middle. then 20 in high school, before i was promoted to white sped busses.

it makes me sad

happy birthday Ray Toro!

happy brithday ray! i hope you have a wonderful day <3

gone with the wind

im reading gone with the wind right now. it was made into a 4 hour movie and the book is 960 pages. it was writen sometime around 1936??? its about a scarlett o'hara's life in the civil war and how it changes her. this will be an adventure!

scarlett o'hara is such a bitch. but like, a modern day bitch. if she would stop saying "fiddle-dee-dee" she could totally be a modern bitch.

and rhett butler, who was played by clark gable in the movie (my favorite actor), has such a personality in the book. and gable has a unique attractiveness as well.

June 2019 playlist

tiny planets - remember sports
tick - ween
raspberry vines - petite league
crystal night - black lips
be nice to me - the front bottoms
lisa - dont stop or we'll die
i tweaked when i saw your face - netherfriends, soul food horns
earthquake - the used
pretty handsome awkward - the used
the taste of ink - the used
a box full of sharp objects - the used
yesterdays feelings - the used
nowhere to be - remember sports
early sunsets over monroeville - my chemical romance
headfirst for halos - my chemical romance
let it bleed - the used
daddi - cherry glazerr
where's ron?

just some stuff

man i have been so bored today

made phone calls to a bunch of different departments at school.trying to make sure everything is sorted out.

im working on the writing placement exam. i can do it at home. i just have to write an essay based on an article and i'll be placed in ENL101 or ENL102.

i know my account says differently since my chpeverillconti account was mysteriously deleted, but ive been here for 6 years. isn't that crazy? some times i post less consistently for a little while. but i always come back strong. i guess i just like consistency and all you guys.

Reached my limit

I'm so irritable all the time. I can't even do the housework I need to do without crying. I'm totally overwhelmed. And I feel really bad because my parents are working their asses off getting the house ready to sell and I'm just in my room reading and sleeping. I know that everyone has different limits and that I've reached my limit and I need to accept that. But still, I feel useless and spoiled and like a bitch for not doing more even though I can't.

not much of anything

im so bored all the time

making great progress on getting the house ready to sell

reading gone with the wind and enjoying it

man the 4th was crazy. i ate an orange like an apple. and my friends and i took a bath together. we were very drunk.


im so tiered - fugazi. thats where im at.

out here
i can barely see my breath
by jealousy and death
i can't be reached
i've only had one call
dragged underneath
separate from you all
this time
i've lost my own return
in spite of
everything i've learned
i hid my tracks
spit out all my air
slipped into cracks
stripped of all my cares
i'm so tired
sheep are counting me
no more struggle
no more energy
no more patient
you can write that down
it's all too crazy
i'm not sticking 'round


im a cute queer kid. why doesn't anyone love me like "that"?
i'm lonely.