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change my mind i dare you

martyn was a cover up martyn was a cover up the website wasn't supposed to be found so early martyn was a cover up martyn was a cover up THE WEBSITE WASNT SUPPOSED TO BE FOUND SO EARLY

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هاهاها مضحك جدا
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fun fact from my science teacher to cheer you up and distract you from the pain of life

im in science class rn

so basically we only used C-14 (carbon 14) and it has a half-life of 5,730 years (how long it takes for half of it to decay into a stable element nitrogen) and basically some fossils on earth are so old that we can't date them with C-14. we'd have to use U-238 (713 million years) and P-40 (1.3 billion years) to date dino fossils. everytime a half-life passes the amount of original material gets cut in half, so it never reaches zero. like this VVV

lives amt age
0 100 5,730
1 50 11,460

does that make sense??

hope u learned some stuffs.

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how to be even more cryptic (if you wish)

01101101 01111001 01100011 01101101 01101100 01110010 01101110 01001101 01001101 01011000 01011000

use a decoder to see my message

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this is more than a uk show

Remember when the boys announced shows in Japan and Austrailia? They literally just said it. No cryptic teasers or anything. Just a picture announcing the dates and times with the captions of "See you soon. xoxo MCR." If it is going to be just one show in the UK then I'm thinking that it's Download Fest and they'll be introducing their fifth (possibly Paper Kingdom?) album there, and then go on a worldwide tour.

what do you think?

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im so angery (????)

can you stop being so cryptic???? like im gonna boycott you guys if you dont stop saying "JUNE MX" or some shit smh

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i did some maths

4,997 people bought two tickets each to the shrine show
each ticket cost 150 each
4,997 times 300 = 1,499,100
rock sound said that it was 1,451,745 dollars...


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where is the album

we need the dayum album

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stop being so obscure

just announce the tour already

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IT'S HAPPENING, BOYS. (even tho i really hope it doesn't)