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Who's still here in 2019?

I completely forgot that this existed until I was on the MCR website today.
I'm still Emo lol
Just looked at my old blog posts and they are mega cringy to say the least, I would delete some of them if I could!
Anyway my tumblr is

Anyway it's twenty-nine-scene so let's all watch Umbrella Academy because it's the closest thing we've got to MCR right now!

Still love you all
Stay strong

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Comment on anything for "Acid Kandy" (user)
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i know u guys don't need reminding

Today was depressing as fuck I'm sorry I tried to be happy and listen to all the old stuff but well u all know how it feels
I know the road is hard but try and keep running guys
)))))))))))sending love vibes (((((((((((

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u guys noticed anything weird

Ok so I deleted a blog last November and its come back and loads of my more recent ones have gone ????????

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We Stand For Something

ok so I go to a really small school with like 200 people and I'm the only MCR fan in my school and one of about 5 emo/goth people there. This has a lot of disadvantages for me because I find it very hard to get close to people, so I just end up putting up a front and being alone. I usually hang around corridors by myself with my earphones of course! This is ok cause I like my own company, but I do understand that mentally its not very good for me. I don't think I get bullied, but I do get teased a lot (no one has ever physically hurt me) people usually say things about: my family cause we are poorer than most people there; a few comments about me always being alone; constant asking if I'm "goth" or "emo" usually followed by being called a faggot; sometimes things about how I look, I have been called fat in the past which led to me being very insecure but that's another story.

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positive thought

I really like the that I don't post any self harm or suicide posts even when going through those things I don't want to annoy everyone else they have their own problems.
So something positive!
Things Gerard Way and I have in common:
-born in April
-love singing (even though I'm crap)
-love drawing
-love comics
-love vibes
-love horror films
-play guitar a bit
-believes playing the tambourine is super intense
-either super high or super low
-small gender identity issues
-outcast at school
-teased for being the chubby kid
-been suicidal

He made it through and he is happy now
So can I !!!!
And so can YOU !!!!!

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I'm most like Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance

I'm most like
Gerard way from my chemical romance
(X) You’re born in April
() You’ve been addicted to alcohol and/or drugs
() You’re a born leader
(X)You love drawing and you do it well
(X) You love singing
(X)You don’t take sh** from anyone
() You’re afraid of needles
() You call your friends with their last names instead of their names
() You've got siblings and you love them
(X) You’re the oldest child,
Total: 5

() You’re born in July
() You play the guitar
() You’ve got a scar on your head
(X)You can’t swim
() You’ve got a fro!
() You’re 6’1”
() You’re shy
() You wear contact lenses
(X) You’re called mastermind or the quiet genius
(X) People do/used to laugh at you
Total: 3

() You’re born in September
(X) You play bass
() You’re near-sighted
() You wear glasses
() You feel an urge to stick a fork into a toaster
() You’re seen as the lil kid/brother/sister of your family or mates
() You’re the youngest sibling

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day dream army

The amount of times people have tried to upset me by insulting MCR and their fans because they know how much it means to me and every time in my head I've said "killjoys unite." And have imagined an army of killjoys in masks forming behind me with Frank and Ray on my left and Gerard and Mickey in my right, we look at each other and then.... We then someone usually wakes me up from my daydream I have also day dreamed a black parade version of this.
Maybe I should start a fanfic like this.... Hmmmm

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The world is large.
It's dangerous.
At times:
You will feel alone.
You will be alone.
But even when it's dark
Even when everything seems lost
Turn your eyes to the stars and remember this.
In the desert,
In the trenches,
In the cities,
We fight alongside You.
When your injured, We will care for you.
When you are weak, We will give you strength.
When you can't go on, We will carry you.
We are with You
And We will never leave you behind.

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hey killjoys

Hey killjoys I was thinking cause I love all you guys and would love to get to know as many of you as possible and the message thing on here is really bad!!!! Do any of you have Kik?
My Kik is Erin_MCR_
And the picture is my current profile picture so please drop me a message if you want :) <3
BTW if any one of you has a problem and needs someone to talk to my Kik is faster than a PM on this site <3
Love u guys
So long and goodnight